What Are The Benefits of Having Plants in the Office?

What Are The Benefits of Having Plants in the Office?


Plants are known for creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, but have you ever wondered what are the benefits of having plants in the office? Working in the same space every day could potentially affect stress levels. However, work environments can be enhanced by adding some natural elements like potted plants, not only improving the overall appearance of the place but there are many health advantages.

The Benefits of Having Plants in the Office

Studies have shown that having plants in the room reduces stress levels for office workers, boosts creativity and enhances air quality. Having plants in your office has proven to outweigh the downsides to adding nature within the workspace and this trend is being adopted more in a bid to improve work efficiency alongside health and well-being.

Stress Levels

Scientific research into the effects that plants have on people’s mental health found that plants reduce stress levels and a biophilic design, the inherent desire to be connected to nature means that combining plants within the office is proven beneficial to people. Being stressed can cause fatigue, anxiety and burn-outs. Employees’ productivity can be affected if stress levels are not minimised. Knowing what are the benefits of having plants in the office can really help improve the working environment.

The Human Spaces (2015) report was the first worldwide study to research the effects of workspaces with biophilic designs; the inclusion of nature within the interiors and exteriors. The study concluded the positive effect of including natural elements such as plants and water features into workspaces. 

Spending time in nature is widely praised as beneficial to people’s well-being. The BBC highlights the connection between nature and mental health. Getting outside in nature may not always be possible if you are working from your office or if your building is not close to a green space. Therefore, incorporating some nature into the room can be a great solution. 

Fresh Air 

Perhaps you are working in a tall building or your work space is near a busy road in the town centre, having enough fresh air can be a challenge, especially if there is a lack of windows. Fresh air is known for being important for blood pressure and your immune system. Plants can help purify the air by lowering the carbon dioxide and filtering the air which is brilliant for your physical health. Plants can also create oxygen which helps to boost brain activity and energy; perfect for beating the Monday morning blues. 

Productivity and Creativity 

It is also said that plants and nature-incorporated work environments can improve attention, creativity and productivity. The National Geographic mentions how connecting with nature can cause “higher creativity and cognitive abilities”. In a fast-paced modern world, it can be difficult to concentrate with the distractions going on. Office plants can promote a more efficient workspace and by working better, that can boost morale and wellbeing. 

Professor Sir Cary Cooper who helped to create The Human Spaces (2015) report on workspaces inclusive of plants and nature said, “how nature and biophilic design impact our well-being, productivity and creativity at work, are significant…”. He also hopes that this awareness “inspires business owners and commercial designers to take a new approach and prompt everyone to think about their own unique workplace and how best it can support people to thrive.”

Overall Satisfaction

By having productive and happy workers, employees will look forward to coming into the office. This could result in a positive reflection on sales, profits and customer satisfaction. Supporting a nature-infused, relaxed workplace has scientifically proven to help the well-being of those in the office. Workers who are satisfied with their job are more likely to work better and more efficiently. Clients and customers are more likely to return if they are pleased with the service provided. 


In summary, having plants in the work environment has many benefits, some more obvious than others. Not only do plants look beautiful in rooms, but a biophilic design builds a connection to nature and improves health and wellbeing. Lack of fresh air within painted white walls of an office can affect stress levels so picking some plants for the office may be your next best move..

How Can Simply Plants Help?

Now you know what the benefits are of having plants in your office, here is what we can to do help. Over the last thirty years, here at Simply Plants, we have continued our passion for promoting nature within events and workspaces. We offer a range of services including; a selection of real or artificial plants, rentals for events and conferences and indoor plants displays, maintenance and replacement service. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to contact us at 07014 216 769 or via email at info@simplyplants.co.uk. At Simply Plants, we are always happy to answer any queries you have and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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