Office Pot Plants

9 of the Best Office Pot Plants

Plants make a great addition to the office environment, brightening up the workspace, improving employee wellbeing and helping to filter the air of toxins. Here at Simply Plants, we have an extensive range of plants that thrive in indoor environments, from small desk plants, to statement office pieces, we have plants and containers for all corporate environments. 

Indoor Office Pot Llants for office spaces

We understand that although you may want to incorporate plants into your office space, you don’t want to be spending hours caring for them, which is why we have a varied selection of easy to care for and easy to grow office plants that require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Some of the most popular low maintenance office plants that we provide include: 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, also known as the healing plant, is perhaps one of the most popular succulent choices, requiring little maintenance and growing well in warm and dry office conditions. We have a selection of aloe vera sizes available from small desk-size pots to larger more statement pieces to suit your business needs. 

Snake Plants 

Snake plants, also commonly known as the Mother-in-laws Tongue, is another resilient succulent that will grow pretty much anywhere within the office, even in areas with very little natural light. The snake plants golden and green variegated sword-like leaves make it an attractive plant and one bound to inspire interest from your customers and staff. 

Air Plants

Air plants are another way to add intrigue to your office plant selection, requiring no soil at all and instead, thriving when hung from roof fixtures and wall hangings. Desktop air plants can also be placed inside decorative glass containers and surrounded with other decorative items such as stones, making them a very versatile decorative office plant. 

African Violets 

The African violet, formerly known by its botanical name Saintpaulia, is the perfect office flowering plant, coming in many colours including white, pink, red and purple. When cared for correctly, African violets can provide flowers for many months on end and as a compact potted plant, they are ideal for smaller spaces within the office such as windowsills or desks. 

English Ivy 

When it comes to trailing and climbing plants, the English Ivy is perhaps the easiest evergreen vine to care for. English Ivy will do well in a hanging pot, or when grown up an indoor trellis, and is an easy way to add greenery to a wall or corner. Thriving in a range of lighting conditions, English Ivy can be grown in both bright and shaded areas of the office. 

Peace Lilies

Although green leaves and succulents are a popular choice with many businesses, flowering plants, like Peace Lilies, add elegance and sophistication to special areas of the workplace. Peace lilies are notoriously easy to grow and thrive in indoor environments, with their elegant white flowers looking fantastic amongst their vivid green foliage. 

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is considered an auspicious plant, bringing good luck and prosperity according to the principles of Feng Shuei. Another easy plant to grow that doesn’t require soil, Lucky Bamboo will thrive in a container with water alone and can also be grown in a variety of lighting conditions making it a very popular office plant for those that want a more tropical or minimalist feel. 

ZZ Plants

The ZZ plant, whose full name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is often mistaken for a fake plant due to its elegant and stylised shape and waxed leaves that look glossy and shiny. Easy to grow and providing luscious looking green leaves, the ZZ plant can grow to a height of 1.1 meters, looking fantastic alone or when grouped together with other plants.  

Chinese evergreens

Last, but by no means least, Chinese evergreens are capable of making even the most novice indoor gardener seem like a pro. These tropical plants have stunning leaves and come in a number of colours and variegations. Preferring medium to low light conditions, Chinese evergreens look great in darker corners of the office. 

How our service works 

Keeping plants looking their best at all times requires a surprising amount of skill and experience which is why here at Simply Plants, we provide office plants on a service and rental basis so that you can focus on your work and not on your plant displays. 

Using our plant care service

If you already have plants in your workspace or want to buy them rather than rent them, then our plant care service will ensure that your plants remain in tip-top condition all year round. Our team of green-fingered horticulturists have been trained in the art of plant husbandry and will take full ownership of the livelihood of your plants, watering them, feeding them, cleaning them and pruning them so that your customers and staff only see them at their best. 

Renting from Simply Plants

Alternatively, if you do not already own your plants and want to add greenery to your office and desk space on more of a budget, then our plant rental service is here to help. With our plant rental service, our team of designers and horticulturists will work with you to curate a plant display befitting your office environment and will then maintain it for you to keep it looking its best. As the seasons’ change or your business expands, our plant rental service will evolve with you to ensure that your displays remain vibrant all year round. 

Indoor office plants From Simply Plants

Whatever your office needs, light levels or growing conditions, at Simply Plants we are confident that we can exceed your expectations. We have more than 30 years of industry knowledge and experience up our sleeves and have worked on major projects in both the United Kingdom. So whether you are looking for plant care, office pot plants, replica plants or exterior grounds maintenance, then get in touch with us today on 07014 216 769 or by emailing us at

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