Beautiful Office Plants by Simply Plants

Enhancing your environment with beautiful interior plant displays & containers will improve the ambiance of your office or work space and provide real benefits.

Simply Plants provides you with a wide range of different styles of containers and Indoor plants to suit your work & office setting.

There are over five hundred colours in the fibre glass range to suit your corporate colours and image. There are many different types and sizes of office plants which are easily changed if necessary when your maintenance technician is due.

It is however important to get the right type and size of container for your work space, which is why we offer our ‘try before you buy’ option.


Enhance the look of your business by using stunning live or artificial plant displays. ATTENTION TO THE SMALLEST DETAILS We understand that your business is an investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help accomplish a vision that they may have. From new premises or refurbishment, interior landscaping can make a big difference to how your office space can look. Plant displays will enhance your environment and provide many benefits. We carefully judge what will best suit your requirements at minimal cost.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Care of the plant displays by the technician.
  • Cleaning watering and feeding the plants.
  • Completely managed and maintained stress free.
  • Regular checks by our quality assurance manager.
  • Back up service offered should anything happen to the displays between technician visits.
  • Modern stunning containers with all different kinds of plants.

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