how to decorate your office with plants

How To Decorate Your Office With Plants

Working from your office or from home can involve long periods of time spent at your desk. Why not refresh your work space by adding some plants? Indoor plants can create a nice atmosphere, help to filter the air of toxins and even improve mental health. Let’s go through the important aspects of how to decorate your office with plants.

All About The Aesthetics  

Incorporating plants with the interior design of your office and selecting nature-inspired accent colours such as green, blue and brown positively impacts workers well-being, in comparison to colours such as grey. If you want to add a splash of colour into the room, include flowering plants or an array of plant decorations. Spruce up the work space with house plants on a fancy plant stand or hanging by the window to create a contemporary, modern design. There are many ways to place plants to make the office more aesthetically-pleasing. 

Smaller indoor plants would work well on the desk in your home office or work space at the office. A succulent or cactus could be placed on your desk to add a hint of green in front of you and can even boost creativity whilst you are working. Participants in study found that people were able to produce 15% more ideas in an environment with flowers and plants.

Practical Privacy 

Need a bit of privacy in the office? Try filling the space with some tall plants to create a luscious feel. Also larger plants will be able to purify more air and would look great in the corners of a room or possibly as a centerpiece. Or place some potted plants onto the shelves to separate one area from another. Having slightly more privacy between desks could improve productivity for some workers and plants are a great way to bring some nature into your newly decorated room.

No Windows? No Problem

Not having any windows or small windows in the room can be frustrating. Office plants are a great way to bring some life into your workspace. The lack of natural light can make the place feel dark and dingy. However, there are some plants that can survive in little to no natural light and still be able to provide you with the benefits such as air purification and improved wellbeing. The best plants for offices with no windows include the Snake Plant, Peace Lilies and Lucky Bamboo. 

Plant Care 

If you are worried about looking after plants, why not choose artificial plants instead? Fake plants still have the same appearance of real ones, however, there won’t be the additional health benefits such as fresh indoor air and lowered carbon dioxide.

Selecting plants for the office that are relatively easy to maintain can help reduce any concerns you may have regarding the after-care. Spider plants are quite easy to look after and are brilliant for air purification. On the other hand, one of the services we do offer is a maintenance service to ensure that your plants are well-looked after and up to the highest standard of quality. 

Decorate Your Office With Simply Plants Today!

There are many ways to decorate the office or home office to add a modern design or cosy feel to the room. Plants are not just decorations but can be highly beneficial for mental and physical health and well-being, not to mention how lovely green plants look next to the window. No need to worry about being stuck working inside, when you have a miniature indoor garden right on the desk in front of you.

Still unsure how to decorate your office with plants? Read one of our blog posts on which plants are best in the office. Or we do offer a no obligation free ‘Try Before You Buy’ trial if you would like to see what plants or trough planters would look like in your workplace. Get in touch if you want to know more: we are open weekdays 9-5pm at: 0333 577 6232 or via email

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