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Urban Gardening Bespoke Living Wall Dividers

Exciting new annual event will be set against the glorious backdrop of Chatsworth, in the rolling Derbyshire landscape Urban Gardening Living wall dividers

Exciting new annual event will be set against the glorious backdrop of Chatsworth, in the rolling Derbyshire landscape Urban Gardening Living wall dividers

We’ve created something Bespoke, Urban Gardening Living wall dividers fresh and exciting at Simply Plants! Thanks to help from our friends at Christian day we have created a bespoke Living Wall Divider for one of our wonderful clients in Milton Keynes.

Getting Creative

This was a big project for us but enabled our team to really get creative with the type of plant specimens used. Not only did we have to consider the usual complications of lighting, temperature and many other elements, we also had to consider the growth of the plants and how they would look interacting with the display as they grew.

Selecting the plants

Our team had a lot of fun picking the right plants to fill and grow within these modern urban planters.

We used Sanserveria more commonly known as mother-in-law’s tongue on the top tiers to provide height and Golden Pathos also know as devils ivy around it. This will be trained along with the bars and beams of the divider by one of our talented technicians providing even more coverage.

Hardy succulents were used on the middle tiers with less light giving the planters a modern contemporary twist but adding a much-deserved pop of colour between the green hues.

Less Light

For the lower levels with less light a Dranecna plant mix was used. This was to provide a difference of subtle shades and a contrast of green tones. The lemon and lime really steals the spotlight in this group acting as a thriller in the display, where as the white stripe compliments and makes an easy transition to the pure white bespoke containers.

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Health & Wellbeing

This stunning installation allows an office space to be partitioned in a softer way, which is pleasing to the eye. It provides a workplace with major health benefits and packs a big impact on the mental wellbeing for the people working around it. As these beautiful plants start to grow they will provide cover, dividing two areas of the same space but keeping it as one whole.

We will be maintaining this bespoke urban jungle display, updating you throughout the year on its progress…
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Take a look for your spooky plant in our shop here.


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