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The Best Fake Plants for a Workplace

The word “fake” doesn’t always shine the most favourable light on the objects it describes, but when it comes to plants, artificial is sometimes best.

Whether you work in a bustling office building or sitting at your kitchen table, the quality of your workspace is critical to your work performance. Your environment has a massive influence on mood and happiness, so a more pleasing workplace can only help you succeed.

Plants have been proven to provide a more positive working atmosphere. They have a calming effect that significantly reduces stress and anxiety. It’s no surprise that the colour green is often used in therapy for its soothing nature. In working environments, plants can boost creativity, productivity, and long term happiness. Some plants can even improve your physical health by purifying the air and removing harmful toxins from the atmosphere.

But owning a plant may not be convenient for every worker. If you travel a lot, you won’t always be there to water and care for your cactus or peace lily. Perhaps you’re just forgetful and have a reputation for killing your plants out of neglect.

If you want all the aesthetic and psychological benefits of a real plant, without any of the hassle, a fake plant is a perfect solution.

Why choose fake plants?

The choices are almost endless when it comes to fake plants. You can find thousands of different styles, shapes, and sizes. Most of which are indistinguishable from real plants. Artificial plants have several benefits compared to real ones.

You can put them anywhere

Faux plants are ideal for places where a real plant would not survive. Homes and offices with poor lighting or changeable temperatures are ill-equipped to sustain natural life. But unlike real plants, an artificial one will thrive anywhere.

No matter how sunny or dim your office, a fake plant won’t mind. And if your place of work fluctuates between Arctic temperatures in the winter and oppressive heat in summer, your artificial succulent won’t even know the difference. Fake plants are often found in reception areas where the coming-and-going of visitors means there is a constant draft. Crowds of people brushing past a real plant on the way into the office will damage over time, whereas a fake plant is much more durable. Restaurants and bars often use faux plants in areas where harsh lighting, fidgety children, and spilled drinks would all be harmful to a natural plant.

They are beautiful all year round

It’s a sad fact that all living things must die, and that goes for office plants too. There’s nothing more tragic than throwing a wilted cactus into the office bin because someone forgot to water it. Artificial plants will last forever and don’t abide by the changing of the seasons. In both the heat of summer and the depths of winter, your artificial plant will remain as beautiful and green as ever.

Although most modern faux plants are practically indistinguishable from the genuine artifact, eagle-eyed plant-lovers may be able to tell the difference. But nature is not always perfect. Real plants often come with misshapen flowers or off-colour leaves, not to mention the possibility of pests and diseases. Artificial plants, however, are designed with a perfectionist eye and do not come with any of the flaws inherent in nature.

No maintenance required

One of the main reasons for choosing a fake plant over the real thing is the absence of maintenance. Real plants have to be watered, given access to sunlight, and eventually replaced when they inevitably perish. Other than the occasional dusting, an artificial plant requires no care whatsoever.

For convenience and reliability, you can’t go wrong with a fake plant. With this in mind, how do you choose the best faux greenery to brighten up your workplace?

Here are some of the most popular artificial plants available.

Faux Fig Tree

Demanding a very precise amount of water and light, fig trees are notoriously difficult to keep alive. But a fake one? Easy. With their distinctive, large green leaves, a fig tree is one of the most popular choices of artificial plants and will make an attractive focal point for any workplace.

Artificial Climbers

Climbing plants such as dischidia are perfect for giving your office an immersive, natural feel. They look fantastic cascading down bookshelves or giving an “overgrown” effect to walls. Although genuine dischidia doesn’t require too much maintenance, feel free to skip the hassle with a faux version that looks just like the real thing.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen, or Aglaonema, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing indoor plants money can buy. Their gorgeously textured leaves can range in colours from deep green to blood red with silvery streaks. A strategically-placed Chinese Evergreen will be a striking focal point for an office. Yet if they are underwatered, their leaves droop, dampening their beautiful looks. Avoid this risk by choosing an artificial one, which will give you all the visual benefits with none of the inconvenience.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are straightforward to take care of, but they can be harmful to cats and dogs. So for offices with furry friends, a fake aloe plant is a great option. These desert plants are simple yet effective and will give your workplace an understated, elegant look.


What’s better than low maintenance? No maintenance. A cactus is notoriously difficult to kill, even for the most neglectful of plant owners. But it still requires water now and again. A fake cactus needs no care whatsoever but its spiky silhouette gives heaps of character to a sterile-looking office.

At Simply Plants, we offer a diverse range of real and artificial plants for the office. Our interior plant displays are designed to match the look and feel of any workplace, and can even be customised to match your specific brand colours and corporate identity. Browse our online shop or get in touch with us to find out how we can help you brighten up your office.

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