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The 10 Best Plants for an Office Desk

Plants are a great way to liven up a bare, boring desk. They can inject a splash of colour into the dreariest of workspaces, and have been proven to boost productivity, spark creativity, and reduce stress. If you can’t take the time to head outside for a lunchtime walk in the park, a desk plant is the next best thing.

There is a diverse range of indoor plants ideally suited to sprucing up any desk. Even if you are not particularly green-fingered, plenty of plants require minimal care and sunlight to thrive. So you don’t have to fret about keeping your plant alive.

Unsure which plant to choose? Here is a quick and easy guide to some of the best desk plants for adding life to a lifeless office.

Devil’s Ivy

Sometimes known as Pothos, Devil’s Ivy is an evergreen vine that can tolerate various conditions. It will flourish in low or bright light and is extremely easy to care for. It will even survive if you forget to water it occasionally. Its large, heart-shaped, green leaves make an attractive addition to any desk.

Ficus Benjamina

Commonly referred to as the weeping fig, Ficus Benjamina is a versatile plant that comes in a range of sizes from pot plants to three-metre high ornamental trees. It likes a lot of light, but will not react well to drafts. You’ll know when it’s unhappy with how you treat it when it sheds its leaves in disgust.

Aloe Vera

These desert plants are one of the most low-maintenance plants you can buy, and take up very little space. Forgot to water it? No problem, aloe plants actually suffer more from overwatering than underwatering. Just make sure you get them wet at least every couple of weeks.

Snake Plants

An excellent choice for the most forgetful of office workers, the snake plant can go for weeks without watering. The robust constitution of the snake plant, affectionately known as mother-in-law’s tongue, means that it may even outlast its owner! Moderate light and a quick water every week or so, and your snake plant will be a steadfast staple of your office desk for a very long time.

Chinese Evergreens

Properly known as Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreens are one of the most popular choices of desk plants. Their leaves develop a gorgeous range of colours and textures, from deep green through to traces of silver and blood red, adding character to any desk it adorns. It requires a little more care to keep it alive, however, and it will let you know if it needs water by drooping dramatically.

Air Plants

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are unique in that they don’t even need soil to thrive. This gives you a lot more versatility in how you display them. You can even hang them from the ceiling if you so desire. But this does mean that these spiky, spidery plants require a little more care. You will have to submerge the plant in water for two to three hours every couple of weeks.

ZZ Plants

The ZZ plant is a succulent native to Africa, officially named Zamioculus Zamifolia. But although its name is difficult to pronounce, the ZZ plant is extremely easy to care for. Its fat stalks and bulky roots store large quantities of water, and it can tolerate low levels of light. It’s a resilient beast as well; if the leaves start falling off, just give it a quick watering, and it’ll come back to life soon enough. A truly hassle-free plant.

Peace Lilies

A perfect choice for a stuffy office, peace lilies are known for their air-purifying qualities. Their leaves remove toxins from the air and create a healthier, more pleasant work environment. With their lush green leaves and beautiful white flowers, they will add flair to any office. Peace lilies will flourish in low-medium light and need watering no more than once a week.
Spider Plants
So named because of their long, spindly leaves, spider plants are a popular desk plant. Spider plants tend to dry out after a few days, so a semi-regular light watering is required. Direct sun can harm a spider plant, so they are a perfect choice for those dim, windowless offices.


A cactus is a staple for anyone guilty of regularly killing plants. These spiky plants are incredibly durable and will survive with minimal maintenance. They thrive in natural light and only have to be watered once a week during the summer and every three weeks during the winter months.

Still undecided? Head to our shop to browse our wide selection of indoor plants.

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