Large Office Plants For Your Workplace

Make your workplace a better place with our large office plants.

Upgrading the appearance of your office needn’t be difficult. With large office plants for rent from Simply Plants, you can radically reimagine the way your interior spaces look and feel. Plus, you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding suitable items yourself. We take care of everything for you, from selecting plants to maintaining them on a regular schedule. You don’t have to lift a finger. What could be better than that?

Comprehensive Large Office Plant Service For Your Business

Businesses know that how their interior spaces look matters. The more attractive and pleasant they are, the happier staff feel, and the more productive and creative they can be. Finding, setting up, and maintaining office plants, however, is a significant administrative burden. You have to dedicate your precious resources to both researching and managing them. It’s not ideal.

With Simply Plants UK, however, you get the best of both worlds. We provide a range of suitable plants and maintain them for you, allowing you to upgrade your interior spaces while keeping overheads low.

Businesses all over the country love our full-service solution. We both supply plants and care for them too. Plus, we advise you on the best plants to use in your interior spaces, from indoor palms to tiny cacti.

Why your business is better with our Large Office Plants

A lot of companies are very excited about large office plants. And for a good reason – they bring a host of benefits to business. Here are some of the perks you can expect from using our service.

  • Fresher air. Many offices locate in busy cities. Combine that with dozens of people crammed into a small space, and you soon wind up with stale and polluted air in the office environment. Large office plants, from us, however, allow you to fight back against this and keep things fresh. They naturally purify the air like a house plant, providing your people with a better atmosphere in which to work.


  • Calming environment. Offices can be stressful places to work, especially for the introverts in your organization. Large indoor plants, however, offer a sense of serenity. Bringing nature indoors is naturally soothing and helps make interiors look less clinical and austere.


  • More beautiful interiors. Our office plants are beautiful and exciting to look at. You can use them to impress clients, new colleagues, or just make your spaces more enjoyable for everyday use.


  • Higher productivity and profitability. Ultimately, all these effects combine to boost productivity and profitability. Businesses that install fresh displays can expect to improve their bottom-line results.

Add Some Vibrancy and Life to Your Workplace

The great thing about adding some plants to your office is that it brings some life and vibrancy to a space that might have been a little dull and boring before. If you feel like this is what your place of work needs right now, using our office plant hire service could be the best thing for you to do. From flourishing tall plants such as the dragon tree, to beautiful easy to grow desk plants like aloe vera, we have it all.

Our Happy Clients

We found Simply Plants a pleasure to work with. The staff was friendly, hard working and completed the projects within the time agreed upon. Our own ideas were very carefully listened to and reflected in the design. Stunning plant displays!

Thomas & Kate, London

Simply Plants were fantastic!. We liked them because all indoor plants were extremelyt beautiful and the employees are hard working, honest and reliable. They always come on time, and the prices
are good too!

Craig Wells, Birmingham

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent interior plant rental service your company provides. Our offices looked absolutely wonderful when you were done. You always go the extra mile.
Thanks again!

Peter, Oxfordshire

The Best Types Of Large Indoor Office Plants

Large and tall indoor office plants need to look great, grow fast, and be able to survive indoors. Fortunately, there are a bunch of species that fit the bill, especially plants adapted to desert conditions or northern climes.

Here are some of the types of large indoor plants perfectly adapted for your workspaces and lighting conditions:


Yucca is a large indoor plant that looks a bit like a miniature palm tree. It features a neat trunk, capped with blade-like green leaves. Yucca requires some sunlight, so we place it near to windows where possible but requires surprisingly little water to keep it vibrant and healthy. The trick with yucca is to allow the soil to dry out before watering it again.

Kentia Palm

Kentia palm first evolved on Australia’s Lord Howe Island. Since then, it has become a staple of offices around the world, thanks to its sturdy trunk and low maintenance. Kentia palms need slightly moist soil in the summer, but many people allow the earth to desiccate in the winter. Like Yucca, Kentia Palm needs some direct sunlight, but not a lot.


Ficus is one of the most popular types of large office plants, thanks to its attractive tree-like appearance. It is an unusual plant in the sense that it gets better with age. If you choose ficus, it will probably outlast everyone in your business. These plants can grow tall and live for hundreds of years. As they age, their trunks become more intricate and knotted, providing a stunning visual impact.

False Castor

False Castor, sometimes called Fatsia Japonica, has large, finger-like leaves. The foliage is dark and shiny and builds a perfect canopy over the floor below. This plant is popular because of its air purification qualities, helping to counteract staleness.

Our clients

With so many years of experience in the business, our company has

been able to work with so many nice people and great companies

Why Simply Plants For Large Office Plants?

Working out which plants you should put in your office and maintaining them is a mammoth task and not always something you want to do in-house. Simply plants, therefore, has been offering a quality, affordable office plant services since 1987. Since we first began offering large plants for enterprise interiors, we’ve helped dozens of firms improve their workspaces and enhance productivity. 


Initially, we provided our service to offices in the Midlands, offering companies in Birmingham, Coventry, Lincoln, and Derby an easy way to upgrade their interiors. The popularity of our service allowed us to expand south into London, Bristol, and Cheltenham. 


Simply Plants is unique. We consult with you in-depth about your current office interiors and how you’d like to improve them. We then develop tailor-made plant displays that look stunning and help to elevate the mood in your office in ways that you would never expect. We do more than install pot plants on your premises. We can – space permitting – construct entire walls of greenery, radically transforming the feel of your premises. We give it a new lease of life – literally.


We also offer a range of service options, depending on your needs. With us, you hire plants, rent them, purchase them outright, and choose whether you want to add maintenance or not. On top of all this, we keep our prices down, providing you with a cost-effective way to transform your interiors. 


So, in summary, large indoor plants are the perfect accompaniment to a happy office. They improve air quality, help your colleagues relax, and, ultimately, boost your bottom line. Is it time that you considered them for your workplace? 


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