How To Make Your Office Stand Out

How To Make Your Office Stand Out


The office can be styled and designed in many ways. What kind of impressive and environment would you want the workspace to have? In this blog, we will talk about how to make your office stand out. Your office is a space that you will spend a large proportion of time in, so making sure the workspace has character and style can be great for the overall work environment.

Understanding how space and design can be customised to add some personality and comfort could even make employees want to come into the office more! The different factors when deciding how to make your office stand out more will be discussed below. 

How Do You Make The Office Better With Design?

Making the office a nicer and aesthetically pleasing space can help workers to feel more relaxed and even more productive. Forbes mentions how your office impacts your well-being. In one of our previous blog posts, we talk about why plants should be incorporated into workspaces. On the other hand, some books or art decor like mini sculptures or a painting could be a great addition to the office.

So, what is your inspiration? Is it the rustic vintage look of dark mahogany furniture with dangling plants? Or, do you prefer a light-filled contemporary office with monochrome plant pots? Read on for ideas on decoration and furniture to make your office a more interesting and comforting space.


A beautiful retro style of dark wooden cabinets works well with warm-toned lighting and plants in woven baskets. Or how about going for a dangling English Ivy plant with a gold-coated pot for a classic vintage feel. A small succulent plant for the desk perhaps. The office could have some old-fashioned decor like a wooden framed art piece and a charming bookshelf. Adding a few elements such as the ones mentioned could be effective in making your office stand out. Go for some earthy tones and a ficus plant to maintain that gorgeous style. 

How To Make Your Office Vintage


Modern and minimalist are what comes to mind when you think of the word contemporary. However, if you were hoping to keep it simple, creating a contemporary workspace could be the right way to go. A monochrome design could work really well with a plant in the corner. Why not buy a large plant like a dragon tree or a palm plant to fill the room. Or get some neutral-coloured medium size plant pots with a small artistic sculpture as decorative additions to your work environment. A contemporary design is great for minimalism, which is known for its calming properties and benefits to mental health. A simple design can go a long way and looks beautiful without putting too much effort into the design.

How To Make Your Office Cosy


Your office may not have as much space, which means utilising the area that you already have. Ensuring that you use up the space is important so that your office stands out without looking too cramped. Cabinets and shelving units are best to display items, office supplies and decor. Also, cubed cabinets are practical and stylish. Trailing foliage plants such as the golden pothos or string of beads accentuate the space. Gardeners’ World Magazine lists 15 of the best trailing house plants’ if you were looking for a bit more inspiration with selecting the right trailing plant. Or why not add a simplistic peace lily. Lastly, using fewer colours and sticking to a colour scheme is a good way to make the workspace look less busy. Light oak furniture and a comfy sofa could be a good place for your daily morning briefings.

Budget Conscious

If you are on a low budget or already have a design in the office you can’t change, why not keep it simple and just add an interesting plant or framed photography to give some personality to the room. Adding some decorations like books or second-hand bric-o-brac is a good way to make your office stand out on a budget. 


To conclude, there are many ways to add some inspirational style, whether that is a modern, minimalist design or just adding some items to spruce up the place. Finding the right style for your office can be tough but keep searching for that dream office. In this blog, you will have learnt some ways on how to make your office stand out and hopefully that has given you some inspiration for what you can do with your office!

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