Top 8 Most Interesting Office Plants

Top 8 Most Interesting Office Plants


There are thousands of plants species to chose from and learn about. Many plants that you have been and heard about before, but what about the top 8 most interesting office plants? Some of these plants may actually already be in your office, but there are tons of interesting facts and information about these peculiar plants. 

Interesting Office Plants You Should Know About

You may see the same plants in your office week in week out, but we have done some research and found some brilliant facts about the lovely plants that you may see in your work environment.

Here is our list of the 8 most interesting office plants:
1. Weeping Fig 

The weeping fig tree has beautiful curvy leaves and looks great in office environments. This easy to care for plant is native to Asia and Australia but finds its way into the homes and workspaces of the Western world due to its simplistic yet sophisticated look. This plant is also known as the ficus tree and thrives in bright light and warm temperatures to keep your plant away from being next to cold winds. 

The weeping fig must be well-watered and the pot should be always moist and drained to avoid root rot, like many plants. Root rot is a plant disease from water clogging that causes plants to decay and leaves to turn brown. 

2. Aloe Plants

 If you are looking for an easy to care for, interesting office plant, you are in the right place. Pick the plant depending on the size of your desk or table. Miniature aloe plants are great for office desks to add a natural touch to your work environment. This type of succulent plant is brilliant for the office because it requires little water and is very easy to grow if you end up wanting to expand your aloe family. 

Although aloe plants are a type of succulent plant, which are very similar to cacti, meaning that it stores water in its leaves and thrive in desert-type environments. Both types could be brilliant as office plants if you are thinking about adding an indoor plant to your workspace. 

Make sure to place aloe plants no further than five feet from a window in order to still have enough natural light. Too much direct sunlight can even cause the plant to look sunburn. Other aloe plants may be more sensitive to the light and will require more shade. However,  this quirky plant will do well in lots of natural light but depending on the species. 

Did you know that there are over 500 species of aloe plants?

The most well-known has to be the aloe vera well known for its multi-purpose properties and often appears in many health care products for its healing and moisturising properties. A little background information about the aloe vera is that it has been traced back to ancient Egyptian times around 5,000 years ago. It is said that the aloe plant would be given to Egyptian royals as a symbol of immortality. A great conversation starter for the office! 

3. Snake Plant

The snake plant is definitely on the list of the top 8 most interesting office plants for its unique aesthetics. A nickname for this indoor plant is the mother in law’s tongue. This wavy plant can be any size from 15cm to a few feet and will grow quicker depending on the amount of sunlight. Like many plants, the more sunlight the faster the growth. Learn more about how to grow a snake plant.

The snake plant is great for office environments because it is amazing at purifying the air so if you are in need of some fresh air in the room, why not add a snake plant? Also, it is very easy to care for and only needs watering every few weeks or when the soil is dry. So this office plant will be good if you are busy with work and forget to water the plant.

Another reason why this indoor plant is a good addition to the room is its ability to thrive in most conditions. Although, place the snake plant room with a window preferably. Read our blog post on the best office plants with no windows if your workspace has no windows.

4. ZZ Plant

 This interesting office plant can survive most light conditions similar to the snake plant. As we have said before, the ZZ plant is virtually impossible to kill. The ZZ  plant short for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia has many nicknames such as the emerald palm, the Zuzu plant and it grows up to two to five feet depending on the environment and correct conditions. This plant has elegant, rounded leaves with branches that grow vertically, which adds to its interesting look. 

6. Spider plant

This plant does indeed look similar to a spider, but despite popular belief, it is such a beautiful plant. With different shades of green and pastel green or white stripes, these long thin leaves sprout out of the base and look lovely as an office plant. This type of flowering plant is easy to grow because it shoots out mini spider plant babies which can be used to make more plants! 

An idea to add a stylish flair to an office environment is to place the plant in a hanging pot such as a macrame for a boho feel or a geometric metal pot for a modern design in the office. The English Ivy is also a beautiful dangling plant that would look great in a hanging pot. 

7. English Ivy

Another interesting plant for the office is surely this one. A plant that once would grow against the walls of houses and shops is now a popular office plant for its delicate flowing vines. Placed at the top of a cabinet or on a shelf makes a beautiful addition to the office for its downwards growing branches. This species of ivy has the ability to grow up to 80 climbs up to 80 feet! This ivy definitely has made its way onto our list of the top 8 most interesting office plants.

8. Peace Lily

This humble plant has been a symbol of peace and purity in Feng Shui, the Chinese tradition that follows the philosophy of arranging and placing items and furniture in a way that balances energy and nature. Learn more about Feng Shui.

The Peace Lily is a popular indoor plant and is notorious for its low-maintenance properties. The shiny leaves surround the thin stemmed flower, although there are many different types of peace lilies, the white coloured peace lily seems to be more common than others. 


So many interesting plants in the world and many of which you will find in work environments as a way to add some nature into the room. Office plants are a fantastic way to clean the air, improve well-being and productivity which we talk about in our latest blog

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