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We provide stunning office plants in the Northampton and Northamptonshire area.

Office plants offer you the ability to improve your workspace aesthetically and bring a sense of peace and freshness to your indoor space. An indoor plant can increase the beauty of your work area and enhance the quality of air. Discover all the services we offer and the benefits of choosing us to help you decorate and enhance your office environment with artificial plants or live house plants.

Indoor office plants for businesses in northampton & northamptonshire

Simply Plants is a family business which has operated for over 30 years. We provide quality, affordable office plants and plant displays and offer superb service. With a number of years of experience in the business, our company has been able to work with many nice people and great companies. You can review all our testimonials and reviews on our website. We have desk plants, alie ver, green leaves, ficus benjamina, devil's ivy and many, many more, depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Why choose Simply Plants in Northamptonshire

Our Services

Our office plant rental services include stunning specimens in a variety of contemporary containers with a range of colours to suit your needs. Your displays will be unique and attractive since we use quality live or replica plants in beautiful tailor-made containers in a vast range of colours and finishes. Our team will work with you to choose plants based on your corporate style and budget. All our office plant displays and indoor plants carry the option of hire, rental or purchase with or without maintenance.

Benefits of Office Plants

Office plants can quickly transform a dull and boring office space to bright and beautiful and airy. Your plant displays help to decrease stress levels and improve the overall well-being of you and your employees. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, which enhances the air quality in your office space. You can add natural beauty to your workspace with plants and they’ll make your space feel more vibrant and inviting.

Our Happy Clients

We found Simply Plants a pleasure to work with. The staff was friendly, hard working and completed the projects within the time agreed upon. Our own ideas were very carefully listened to and reflected in the design. Stunning plant displays!

Thomas & Kate, London

Simply Plants were fantastic!. We liked them because all indoor plants were extremelyt beautiful and the employees are hard working, honest and reliable. They always come on time, and the prices
are good too!

Craig Wells, Birmingham

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent interior plant rental service your company provides. Our offices looked absolutely wonderful when you were done. You always go the extra mile.
Thanks again!

Peter, Oxfordshire

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Our clients

With so many years of experience in the business, our company has

been able to work with so many nice people and great companies

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