Office Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Has your office started to look a bit tired during the Christmas period? Are you hanging up the same old decorations year after year? Are the office staff beginning to notice? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with reusing the same decorations for a few years in a row, but when the tinsel starts to look a bit thin, it might be time to think of some fresh office Christmas tree decoration ideas. Below is some inspiration for office Christmas tree decorations ideas.   

DIY Christmas Decorations

Doing your own Christmas decorating for the tree has some wonderful benefits for the look of your tree and the spirit of your office. You could announce that this year you were going to buy new decorations, but in the interests of the environment and office morale, we’re going to make them ourselves. If everyone in the office brings in one decoration for the tree, it will make it personal and uniques. Colleagues can bond over their decorating ideas. Perhaps you could also have a competition for the best Christmas tree decoration.

Pop-up Christmas Trees

In recent years pop-up Christmas trees have grown in popularity and not just in offices but in homes as well. What is the appeal? Surely it’s better to have a real tree, or at least an artificial Christmas tree so that you can pretend. Pop-up trees offer something a little bit different. They are clearly artificial, so no one is going to mistake it for a real tree, but they add a sense of atmosphere to the room and can be quickly and conveniently set up and taken down. They come with their own decorations and can be purchased through affiliate marketing programs.

Have a Classic Christmas

If artificial trees and pop-up trees aren’t your thing, then go all out for a classic Christmas tree this holiday season made of real pines and decorated with candy canes. You not only get the fantastic smell of pine in the office, but your office staff will feel inspired by the sight of an authentic tree. You could make decorating the tree into an event that brings office staff together and helps them bond. After Halloween’s finished, you can start to cultivate the Christmas spirit, wear red and green elf hats and share some mulled wine as you hang the baubles and string up the tinsel.  

Give It a Christmas Theme 

Many offices these days are multicultural with different nationalities and languages being spoken all the time. This is a good thing, but sometimes certain groups can form, and it can make it challenging to get to know people. This year, give your office Christmas tree a theme. It could be ‘ A Global Christmas,’ where people from different cultures are encouraged to bring something to the tree. This is only one example. Your Christmas tree theme could be anything; your imagination is the limit. 

The Secret Santa Christmas Tree

Combine decorating your office Christmas tree with the annual office Secret Santa. Those who want to take part draw a name from a hat and buy a gift for their colleague. The gift needs to be relatively small and wrapped up; hang the gifts on the tree throughout the festive season and open them during the Christmas party. Merry Christmas.

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