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Christmas tends to be one of the busiest times of year for businesses of any size. So, chances are you don’t have all too much time to dedicate to finding a Christmas tree and decorating your office space. Here at Simply Plants, our office Christmas tree rental service can take all of the hard work off your hands!

We have 30 years’ worth of experience working with businesses to create beautiful workspaces with the help of plants! No matter what kind of commercial premises you have, we can work with you to create a stunning working environment at any time of year. Plants are a wonderful addition to anywhere that people are going to spend extended periods of time.

Working in a bland and plain office space can dampen spirits and having plants in the area can help to bring some nature to an otherwise artificial and manmade environment. Plus, you get the added benefits of air purification, as plants draw toxins out of the air for you and your employees!

When it comes to Christmas, we have a wide variety of Christmas trees to give your workplace or commercial premises that extra special festive touch!

Why Have a Christmas Tree in Your Office?

Chances are a large percentage of your employees will be celebrating Christmas throughout the holiday season. This is a time of year that lifts people’s spirits and adds a touch of cheer to everyday proceedings. Now, for businesses, Christmas can be a little hectic. It tends to be the busiest shopping period of the year and it’s likely that your staff are going to have to work hard to meet their targets, keep up with their sales, organise effective marketing campaigns and generally keep everything up and running to standard. This can quickly lead to feelings of being overworked, exhaustion, or other sentiments that can bring morale down. Believe it or not, having something as simple as a Christmas tree in your office can remind everyone of the exciting time of year and bring a little more joy to everyone’s day. Plus, they just look great!

Taking the Hard Work Off Your Hands

Of course, when you’re run off your feet throughout the festive period, you may feel that you simply don’t have time to start searching for a Christmas tree, putting it up and decorating it. This is a complex process and it’s easy to feel daunted by it. But this is where our office Christmas tree rental service can help!
We have extensive experience in selecting the perfect Christmas tree for any office! No matter what size your office is, what aesthetic your business has or how subtle or elaborate you want to get with your festive decorations, we can guarantee that we’ll find something perfect for you, ticking all of your boxes and leaving you and your employees with a smile on your faces! Not only will we select a tree for you, but we will also offer a decoration service. This means we can deliver the tree to your office space, put it up and trim it as and when is suitable for you!

Check out our Range of Products

Real Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Perfect if you want that authentic Christmas tree smell.Our wide range includes Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce and Fraser Fir


Artificial Christmas Trees

Realistic and top quality artificial trees for extra convenience


Live Potted Christmas Trees

purpose Grown to be long lasting and require little maintenance


Wreaths & Garlands

Get your office looking festive with our range of Christmas decorations

Our Trees and Decorations

We only provide the finest quality corporate Christmas trees – you won’t find any better out there! Whether you’re looking for an artificial tree or a real Christmas tree, we’ll have one that will perfectly suit your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a large tree for a large office space, we’ll have something ideal. If you’re looking for a smaller tree for a reception area, we’ll have something petite but full and voluminous.

Generally speaking, artificial trees are ideal if you happen to have anyone in your office with niche allergies, or if you’re looking for the lowest maintenance option possible. They’re also ideal if you want to leave your tree up throughout the entire Christmas period, as they won’t wilt or die. Alternatively, you could opt for a real Christmas tree, like a Nordmann Fir. We generally recommend that these are put up from the 7th December to ensure that they live throughout the rest of the Christmas period. These are perfect for a really authentic Christmas experience within your office. Plus, they’re a more environmentally friendly option!

We have a wide variety of decorations for our Christmas trees. You could opt for traditional decorations, or you could choose something to match your business’ branded colour scheme. Whatever you go for, we’ll finish the tree with a traditional star on top!


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How do I rent a Christmas tree and decorations?

Its simply. All you have to do is fill in one of our decoration request forms with what you are looking for, a colour scheme, your contact details and Location. One of our team will then be in-touch to confirm the details of the order, answer any questions and organise any requests.

How do I pay for my order?

Rent a Christmas tree or other decorations from us and after the order has been delivered we will issue your corporate office address with an invoice which you can pay by BACS, credit card or PayPal. 

When will you deliver our decorations?

You can pick any week from November onwards depending on your requirements. If you book early we will do our best to deliver as close to the day you require but we can not guarantee any day, only the week you have picked.

What areas do you deliver in?

We rent Christmas trees across large parts of England and deliver from London and surrounding areas all the way up to York and everywhere in-between. Please see our Locations page to check if we deliver in your area but please contact us or call us on 03335776232 if you are outside that area and would like a quote.


Care of the plant displays by the technician

Completely managed and maintained stress free

Cleaning watering and feeding the plants

Regular checks by our quality assurance manager

Back up service offered should anything happen to the displays between technician visits

Modern stunning containers with all different kinds of plants​

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