Great Plants For Office Desks

Great Plants For Office Desks

Finding the perfect plant can be difficult when there are so many to choose from. Do you go for a small succulent plant to go on the desk or for a large plant to sit next to your workspace? To make things easier, we have done our research and have picked a selection of great plants for office desks. 

Firstly, these are just some suggestions for office plants but it will depend on what you feel would best complement the design of your workspace. Check out our previous blog post on how to decorate your office for extra inspiration.

Low Light 

If you are looking for a plant that thrives in low light conditions, then spider plants, prayer plants or staghorn ferns are brilliant because they can survive with less light but make sure to water regularly. All three of these plants will need to have enough water to thrive in indirect light or dim conditions and would be especially good if you are working from home or in the corner of an office.

On the other hand, if there are no windows in your office then you will need to pick a plant that can survive without natural sunlight such as a peace lily or golden pothos. A golden pothos plant can live in more extreme conditions compared to other indoor plants due to its ability to go without much water and sunlight. 

Amount of Space 

You can narrow down your search for a plant by evaluating the size of your desk at work or in your home office. Some indoor plants may grow to a larger size than expected so bear this in mind when selecting the plant for your office desk. Maybe you don’t have much room for a big desk plant so a smaller plant would be more suitable for you. A mini cactus or succulent are both types of plants that are low-maintenance that could fit perfectly onto your office desk. Even if you don’t have much room, one small plant is better than none. A study found that plants increase productivity in the workplace!

Medium size plants could be a good choice if you have more space on your desk. The Chinese evergreen or snake plant would look beautiful on your desk at work. Plants will intricate patterns on their green leaves would add a unique look to your workspace. 

Or maybe you are looking for a plant that is larger to place next to your desk rather than on your actual desk. A ZZ plant or weeping fig are great plants for office desks because they fill the space and they are easy to grow. For more information on the ZZ plant or weeping fig tree, why not read our blog post on interesting plants for the office. 

Interior Design 

The design of your room could dictate which plant you would like on your desk at work or home. If you want an effortless but elegant plant for your desk, how about a dangling plant like the devil’s ivy or string of hearts. These stunning indoor plants are a great addition to your workspace. If you wanted to go the extra mile, how about hanging the plant next to your desk or simply place the ivy pot on the shelf in front of you or hanging off your office desk for that natural jungle look.

Or what about a Swiss cheese plant to place on your desk? Beware that this exquisite plant can grow fast so it will need a lot of room if that is the case, it would need to be moved to the floor and placed into a larger pot. 

Final Words…

In a world consumed by nature, how do you know what is the right plants for you and your desk? Check the light levels, the space, plant care specifics and even the design of the room to help make your decision. Do some research to see what is available locally to you and what would best suit your needs. This could be a plant that is small enough to fit on your desk at work, easy to grow or easy to care for. 

Here at Simply Plants, we are eager to help people figure out what plants they want. We want to assist our customers to find the right plants they want. If you have any questions about our plants for sale or rental and maintenance services then feel free to contact us.

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