Finding The Perfect Office Christmas Tree

Christmas time in the office is always full of fun and decorations to brighten your staff members’ spirits. Why not add a Christmas tree to your office that will get the festivity going as well as being the perfect place to put the secret Santa gifts. 

What is the right Christmas tree for your office? 

With a wide range of Christmas tree options, there is a style and size for every office. The most popular choice is a real fresh-cut Christmas tree for that perfect looking addition to your workspace. One of the best parts to a real Christmas tree is that the aromas allow your staff members to have the scent of fresh pine all day that often boosts everyone’s mood for christmas and the New Year while being much better for the environment. 

If you are looking for a stress-free option, then an artificial tree can be natural to put up and easy to keep clean. They are also reliable and reusable for every year taking the weight off your shoulders as you know you have a high-quality tree that will look flawless with ease. This can be more cost-effective due to it being used over and over again. Don’t forget, if one of your staff members has any allergies to Christmas trees then this is an alternative for you. 

If you have the space in your office, then you could have a live potted Christmas tree to allow you and your team to have the pleasure of a perfect tree all year round. It can also be a lovely addition to look after as they do not need a lot of maintenance so that it won’t interfere with your work schedule. A little watering and good soil can do a world of good. 

Deciding what decorations complement your tree. 

Adding tree decorations can be a high team activity that can set the tone for your office. Decide a colour scheme and the style you want as it ensures that everything compliments each other as well as making your experience more comfortable. Adding wreaths and garlands brings the office to life by engaging excitement into every part of the room. To spice up the decorations and tree, adding baubles and thick ribbon bows that match your colour theme can instantly add colour to your items. If you want to make it extra festive, then you could dry some orange and cinnamon and tie them up which will instantly make you and your team have some festive cheer. 

Why should you hire a Christmas tree?

Using a tree hire service like Simply Plants, is becoming a better option for offices due to the low maintenance it needs. The tree is looked after by a technician who does all the work. The tree will have regular checks completed, quality checks as well as a backup service included in the package to ensure that any accidents are resolved quickly so you can concentrate on feeling the Christmas spirit. 

Hopefully, with this guide on finding the perfect office Christmas tree, you will lift the spirit of all your team members to allow them to work in a motivating space this Christmas.

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