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Add a touch of festivity to your office with an authentic Real Christmas tree.

When the Christmas season comes around, there’s nothing like a real Christmas tree to create a festive atmosphere in your office. At Simply Plants we have a wide range of living Christmas trees, we only stock the freshness and highest quality trees. Our real Christmas tree rental service includes full decoration (so that you don’t have to worry about colour-matching your baubles)! When all the Christmas festivities are over, we’ll come and dispose of your tree right away.

Simply Plants can provide real Christmas trees in a variety of different sizes to suit your needs. Our trees start at 5ft and go all the way up to giant 15ft Christmas trees. Our team at Simply Plants will deliver your tree and install it safely in your office. Once your tree is installed, we’ll decorate your living tree too. When hiring a larger tree, especially, it’s safer to leave the decorating to the professionals! You can choose from either fresh cut Christmas trees or potted live Christmas trees.

Types Of Real Christmas Tree

At Simply Plants we provide several different types of real Christmas tree including:

Norway Spruce Trees: A Norway spruce is a type of evergreen conifer tree, these trees have a pointed crown, a triangular shape, and are one of the most popular choices for Christmas trees. Spruce trees have orange-brown grooved twigs, and the leaves are pointed and needle-like. For an impressive office display, the Norway spruce is a top choice.

Fir Tree: Fir trees are different from other varieties in the pine family. You can tell a fir tree because the cones stand upright and the leaves are attached by a base which looks like a suction cup. They have needle leaves, much like the spruce, attached singly as opposed to in clusters. At Simply Plants we provide stunning Cotswold fir trees, Primrose Vale trees and the popular Normann fir Christmas trees. 

Normann firs: These trees are often referred to as ‘non-drop’ because they do not shed their needles as much as other varieties. Normann firs have a dark green and glossy needles and an attractive symmetrical shape. These needles have a coating of wax which prevents allergens from spreading. Our live trees and pot grown trees are the perfect way to get your office in the Christmas spirit.

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Real Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Perfect if you want that authentic Christmas tree smell.Our wide range includes Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce and Fraser Fir


Artificial Christmas Trees

Realistic and top quality artificial trees for extra convenience


Live Potted Christmas Trees

purpose Grown to be long lasting and require little maintenance


Wreaths & Garlands

Get your office looking festive with our range of Christmas decorations

Benefits Of Hiring A Real Christmas Tree

Live Christmas trees benefit the environment throughout the growing and decomposition process. As trees grow, they consume carbon dioxide, provide habitats for wildlife, and stabilise the soil. Real trees are biodegradable, returning nutrients to the earth as they decompose. Choosing a real tree for your office can serve to reduce your carbon footprint. Live Christmas trees are renewable, and they can also be repurposed as mulch for the garden. At Simply Plants we will remove your live Christmas tree in the New Year, and sustainably dispose of it.

We usually recommend installing real Christmas trees between the 7th of December to mid-December. If you’d like a real tree from the beginning of December, we can renew your tree every few weeks. At Simply Plants, we’ve many years of experience in providing office plants and Christmas trees at corporate locations. Our Christmas trees are suitable for offices of all sizes and we conduct thorough safety procedures to install your tree. When you rent a Christmas tree with us, you’ll get unparalleled convenience, professionalism, and a beautiful Christmas display!


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How do I rent a Christmas tree and decorations?

Its simply. All you have to do is fill in one of our decoration request forms with what you are looking for, a colour scheme, your contact details and Location. One of our team will then be in-touch to confirm the details of the order, answer any questions and organise any requests.

How do I pay for my order?

Rent a Christmas tree or other decorations from us and after the order has been delivered we will issue your corporate office address with an invoice which you can pay by BACS, credit card or PayPal. 

When will you deliver our decorations?

You can pick any week from November onwards depending on your requirements. If you book early we will do our best to deliver as close to the day you require but we can not guarantee any day, only the week you have picked.

What areas do you deliver in?

We rent Christmas trees across large parts of England and deliver from London and surrounding areas all the way up to York and everywhere in-between. Please see our Locations page to check if we deliver in your area but please contact us or call us on 03335776232 if you are outside that area and would like a quote.


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